Creating the ‘Advertorial’ Lookbook

Posted in AW2010 by AparnaDasgupta.com on March 7, 2010

Greetings from the photo studio! It’s nice and early on a Sunday morning and Manhattan is barely awake. We’re busy setting up the space, steaming out garments, and lining up the shoes and accessories for what looks like it’s going to be one very energetic shoot. Yuuki’s got Samantha in makeup and hair and Didi is feeling a bit under the weather (but showed up anyway – this is why we love her! ♥) and Dusdin’s working on lighting with Aparna.

In preparation for the shoot, Aparna drew up sketches for the models to work from that would best showcase the clothes and aesthetic. The poses were whimsical but elegant, classy but youthful. Makeup and hair was planned jointly by Aparna and U-ki Nakamura, the makeup-artist we hired for the shoot. Working with U-ki was a no-brainer; Aparna and U-ki met in 2007 and worked together on several fashion shows in ’07 and ’08. Her work is flawless as you’ll soon see – and we needed nothing less than the best for our launch. We chose Dusdin Condren as our photographer based on recommendation – and his eye for art photography. Aparna and Dusdin met and it was quickly decided that they would make a fabulous team.

Didi on set of AW10 lookbook shootWith the team in place, we met with countless models in search of the perfect girl(s) to represent the line for its launch. We screened and fitted and had go-sees galore. Didi and Samantha were among the last of the girls – but it’s true what they say, you always find what you’re looking for in the last place you look!

The collection’s nod to steampunk and the neo-Victorian style was further emphasized by the classic makeup and hair, as well as the accessories. At right is a snapshot of Didi waiting to go on set, wearing the Ingenue tunic, Nikkiel dresscoat, and Duelist cummerbund pants – and one very dashing hat!

Both girls did a fantastic job and worked tirelessly for the 8 hours that it took to get each shot just right. The music was going to keep energy high – Parov Stelar’s Chambermaid Swing was a frequent feature because its swing and speakeasy style matched the collection perfectly. The models were asked, for the final shot, to just have fun – dance, laugh, and enjoy. The result of this — our lookbook centerfold image! But we can’t show you yet – you’ll have to wait til the lookbook’s complete!

Didi on set of AW10 lookbook shootIn preparation for the shoot, Aparna
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